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Helping People with their Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, and Tax Matters in New Jersey and Pennsylvania


If the weight of your debt is too much to bear, take heart in the knowledge that you are among approximately one million households annually that file for bankruptcy in the United States (Census Bureau). If you've fallen behind on your bills because of things like medical expenses, losing your job unexpectedly, or excessive credit card interest, you should know that bankruptcy provides you with legal protection.

At Helbing Consumer Law, we help clients put their debt problems behind them and move forward with confidence in their financial future. We can find a plan that works for you, ending the foreclosure process and debt collector harassment. We won't stand for you being harassed or intimidated by unlawful creditors. No matter how dire the situation may seem, Helbing Consumer Law offers a low-cost, easy-to-implement remedy.

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Cases involving foreclosure are not always final. The odds of winning your lawsuit increase if you retain Helbing Consumer Law as soon as possible. You should not go into a legal battle over your home without first exploring all of your available options. Working with Helbing Consumer Law will save you time, help you avoid mistakes, and increase your chances of keeping your house because of their familiarity with the law and their sound judgment.


In the ever-changing and intricate world of tax, Helbing Consumer Law works to safeguard the client's interests. Our primary concern is assisting individuals with federal tax issues. We charge reasonable rates and provide our clients with the individualized attention they require for assistance with their particular circumstances.



Erik Helbing, Attorney

Erik Helbing is the founding principal of Helbing Law Group, LLC, a practice specializing exclusively in consumer rights, which includes foreclosure defense, credit collection defense, and bankruptcy. Having represented countless clients in numerous complex consumer rights matters, his experience and dedication ensures the best possible outcome for his clients and their families.


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